Thursday, April 2, 2009


Hi, I am posting to say hello ! I am still not doing well. I was able to witness and heal the sinus infection. I moved through it without medication and I am physically doing well on that front!!!=-)
Now I am having a hard time emotionally! I am sleeping a lot and very down. I know this is an illusion but I am having difficulty moving through this. I have faith that I will move through this, but it hasn't been fun in the process! The cravings are so strong and it is truly the Grace of God that I have not caved in!
I have made lots of wonderful Raw recipe's and have the picture's in my camera. I will share soon!
I invite the Holy Spirit to assist in this Miracle!



  1. Keep the focus on you not your food intake desires, work on pleasing your mind in other aspects non food related. Go for long brisk walks and soak up nature, take moments for yourself only if you can throughout the day thinking only of that moment, what are you hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling in that given moment. (''moments'' are everything in the guiding light to me)
    I hope this helps sweetie!!!! OR, as the Brits would say ''keep yer pecker up las'' LOL
    Loulou xx

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon. It seems you have been down for awhile. (hug) I now live about an hour from you, so if you need anything let me know!

  3. Have you tried "grieving" for the food that you are no longer indulging in? It is a true & real need that all have to grieve that which we do not continue in our lives. Cooked food has died from your life. A part of you resists this death. Grieve for what those foods have brought to you. Thank them & allow yourself to grieve. Honour the parts of you, the food & the process by deliberately grieving. the sinus issue indicates that your body may well be trying to grieve/release. If you do this deliberately & fully you should be able to get past this healing crisis a little faster & a little more empowered. My sincere love to you on your remarkable journey. thankyou for keeping this blog- you are a remarkable writer & I enjoy your perspectives.
    Tracy Bradley