Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Am

My body has had a cold now for the last 4 days. Through eating 100% Raw Foods I have been learning to listen to my bodies wisdom. It is much like a computer that has an entire system that has an intelligence. I sat today and asked my body, why are you sick? What are you trying to tell me. I would like to share the wisdom it shared. That every fraction of a second we are creating new cells and you have rapidly increased the life force of the cells that you are creating by putting life filled foods into your body. So in turn the old cells that are falling away are giving the body the illusion of not feeling well. The old cells are of a lower vibration and are much more obvious now because you now know the contrast.

Then I started to think about this while still staying connected to the wisdom that my body is giving. Although my body has been sick my spirit is feeling stronger and I am able to still do Yoga with strength. Now that I have been eating this way now for a while, the stronger life force cells are more prominent than before and giving my body less time for actually feeling run down. So I am still releasing the old cells while rapidly producing healthy vibrant new cells. So the choice that I am making when I do the yoga ,& simply living is to pay attention to the I Am. Instead of the I am sick. While still continuing to support the body with living foods. Living foods creates living bodies. Which for me creates a stronger, clearer, connection to the I Am. The oneness is integrating; not just into my awareness spiritually but also into this vehicle[my body] because it is not separate from this "spiritual oneness". There is no distinction. It is a beautiful harmonic dance with God as the lead partner. =-). I am in love & how may I serve......
Love Always


  1. Very Cool S.! You are right, staying in teh wisdom and strength of your body is a beautiful thing

  2. A beautiful Dance that I am loving. I have never been so in touch with my body and the wisdom from it so clearly!