Monday, January 19, 2009

Musings on being 100% Raw Vs. partial Raw

Yesterday and today have been interesting! I am very happy about all the Raw foods the kids have been eating. Ethan[5] is asking for carrots skin and all. He Loves them. Isabella[7] announced today that she is now a Rawfoodist=-} Emerald[12] thinks we are all crazy[hehehe]. Then after 10 minutes of Isabella being happy she started to realize all the cooked foods that she loves that she will miss. Then I told her she could do an 80% way and that soothed her mind. But then I started to think about it.......... She reacted the way so many of us do when we think about going to a Raw food way of life 100%. I know I had those same thoughts 2 years ago. That's why it took me a year and 1/2 to go 100% from when I first learned of Raw foods. Going 100% is the best choice for me at this time. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. So what is important is that we listen to our bodies wisdom, and not the voice of the ego. Our body knows what it wants to eat if we go quiet inside and "listen". So for some it might not be 100% and an 80% way would be best & eating cooked whole grains in their diet during the winter could be best. What is best is to listen to your own intuitive wisdom and do what our most psychic tool, OUR BODY, is telling us. If we get stuck in what books and experts tell us is best then we are still giving our power to another source. It is important to take the wisdom of these wonderful experts and incorporate them into our way of life. But ultimately us and our bodies are the true wisdom to listen to.

This is how I have grown from being 100% Raw. Now that I can so clearly see what my body is telling me to eat and what the "little me" is telling me to eat. I can make a more conscious choice of when and what I eat. Sometimes I fall into the voice of the ego, little me, and will have something Raw that my body was not telling me, but this is how I am learning how decipher the different voices. The voices telling me to eat cooked foods I just meditate on and release or breath through it,or have something Raw. Those voices are not telling me to eat soul supportive and body nourishing foods. This time around I have not caved into those. I see them for what they are. It is my body releasing the toxins of these cooked foods and it is just my body telling me this. Many voices and learning which one is my ultimate truth. This is a very enlightening journey for me. Being 100% Raw is my path to getting more clarity on what voices are which. I'm Loving It!

Love always


  1. Hi Sweetie,

    I've been working on being raw in my home, too. I'm also a single mom of four children...and I also have a 7 year-old named Isabelle! Other than this, I've also been working on listening to my body and and not giving my power away to the experts and the books. There are certainly foods that I've been told were beneficial to my body... and not feeling so good when my body works with those. This is just a recent discovery, so its very fresh in me! I've been pretty aware most of my life about what foods my body wants, tho, and its been great discovering a whole world of people who also share this awareness!

    Be well and have a great week!


  2. Hi Robin,
    It is so nice to see your post. We seem to have a lot in common!=-) I like your choice in names[hahaha]. What are the other ages and names of your kids? It is fresh in me as well! I have always been sensitive to foods my whole life but was not aware that was the issue. Now I am! I also have never been able to be so in touch with my bodies wisdom until now.
    This community is wonderful isn't it=-} It is so warm, loving and welcoming!!!! Raw foods is changing my life in every aspect for the better!

    Love always