Friday, January 30, 2009

My reason for choosing Raw Foods

So many people ask me why I have chosen the Raw Food lifestyle. It is because I feel a closer & a more pure connection to Creator! Therefore making the rest of my life balanced and fulfilled.

I am one of those who have seen the movie The Secret, Louis Hay's work, and know the Abraham teachings. Well today I made an important link to thoughts, emotions, physical wellness, and "success". It all linked up inside me on how to work with my emotions. Which can be strong during the detox period for someone who used to use food to hide within.
When I have a negative emotion it comes directly from a negative thought. Which is just the ego and realizing this helped me to continue with the inner work I already do. I strongly believe in not taking the ego seriously. So when Jesus says choose again, all I have to do is change my thoughts and then allow the positive energy & emotions that come with those thoughts flow through. To be healthy and joy filled all I have to do is choose it! Right now! Just choose it. It is that simple.
A MAJOR important step in being able to let go of negative energy, thoughts, & emotions is to support the body with soul nourishing nutrition. My body is just another form of energy. So what I put in & on my body directly affects my state of wellbeing. There is not one thing that does not carry an energy. All though everything in truth holds the peace of God and is pure. All of creation holds this truth. But when something is processed and taken from it's original source and has the original source energy cooked, squeezed, chemicalized, processed, polished and anything else that can fit in there it starts to densen it's physical energy. This holds true for furniture, people, animals, food, plants, & cloths. An example is a wooden chair. It was connected to source when it was alive as a tree and flowing with nutrients, power, & lifeforce. Then it gets cut from it's roots, stripped of it's bark, cut down, most often chemicalized, cut down some more, then has metal banged into it, then stained and polished[with chemicals]. While the chair is not of a low vibration sitting there looking pretty, and strong enough to hold a human. It is not as vibrant, and lifeforce filled as it was when it was still a tree.
We can still connect to the pure truth of the tree through the chair, but it takes more work. Eating raw foods makes it easier and a clearer channel to release negative emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. I am not clouded by chemicals, pollutants, and dense food. Raw & living foods support my spiritual reality by making a clearer physical reality to support me. I want to live as pure love and live as the peace of God.
I know that I can still eat whatever I want, lather my body in chemical lotions, soaps & products & still reach this place. I am simply choosing the path in the forest that doesn't have poison ivy and an easier walk through. I have a choice and I am making it in every moment. To live healthy, happy and holy.
This is what Raw & living foods is for me. A clearer connection to Source and through that I can live in abundance.

Love Always


  1. Sweetie, I love this post. I agree with what you are saying. I love when you said that "you want to live as pure love and live as the peace of God." So touching! Continued blessings and success! God bless! Evelyn

  2. Again thank you for your support! This is probably the deepest post I have written that truly explains the inner workings of me!

    Love always