Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lifting Another Veil

Wow...... I just went through a big part of my emotional detox! A very welcomed event but a process none the less.
One of the benefits and enlightening things I have been going through is seeing relationships so much clearer. Raw has taken a veil off and I can see patterns so much easier. It actually almost feels like I don't have a choice. I can see my part and also the others. I can see the patterns that were holding me emotionally in these relationships the way I was. So now I am learning how to stay in certain relationships with these new awareness's. Wondering if it is time to let go, need to change my perception , or maybe both.
I am moving in the direction of unconditional love for all beings. But aren't some relationships unhealthy and meant to leave? So I am learning how to be in the flow of unconditional love, non-judgment, and not being a doormat.
One step I have grown in a healthier direction with this is to lovingly voice my truth. If someone is seemingly mistreating me then I can speak up. I do not have to sit silently and then go and meditate on it. Communication is so important! Not be in a place of blame but being in a place of truth and love.
Doing my own emotional work around the situation is the most vital step for my growth as well. My outer environment is a direct reflection of my inner environment. So all is my responsibility. All situations in my life is created by some form of belief, pattern, or emotion I am carrying within me. The more I embody God's pure Love then the more I will be in loving relationships and situations. Things will still happen but my relationship to what is happening will be from a completely different place.

I am so happy for the clarity that being Raw has given to me in my life. I am blessed!



  1. Sweetie, the things you mention in this post, I can definitely relate. Great post!

  2. hey girl! You are awesome! Speak up - speak out - and throw all those self doubts out! You are meant for great and wonderful things!


  3. Evelyn, Thanks for the support=-)

    Angela, I am finally opening my throat Chakra and lovingly expressing myself! Thank you

    Love always

  4. This was so beautifully said. Thank you.

    It's so true, isn't it, when we aren't using food to stuff down our emotions, they come up and out so freely.

    I, too, am learning that speaking my Truth is indeed a great gift. When someone does or says something that really "ruffles my feathers," instead of stuffing it and eating over it, I am now able to say something as simple as "You know, I'm really not comfortable with that." How liberating!

  5. Earth Mother
    Thank you for sharing your experience. Yes it is very liberating!

    I am enjoying the opening of my throat chakra!

    Love always