Saturday, February 21, 2009

Seeing for myself

Hello, and Happy Saturday to you all. Since I have gone Raw my "eyes" have been opened to so much around me. It is like a cloud is lifted off of you. For me it is slowly & steady. As the cloud lifts I am seeing so much more. This is amazing and can be a bit in your face. The energy feels clear enough that I can see situations for what they are. As my out molded ways are being presented, I can feel a little confused. Having moments of what do I do now. Being Raw has put me in a perpetual state of letting go. Internally mostly but externally as well[cooked food]. I am getting the vision of a bubbling fountain in the core of me that just gently keeps going. I am being "blended" up and releasing so much. Going Raw for me is a whole life detox. It has been wonderful.
Right now I am seeing how I was brought up in a brain washed system. Schools, parents, families, nutrition systems, peer groups, fashion, and Dr.'s. I am sure the list can go on. I can see the madness of it all. Where as before I was aware of it but the patterns were not so visible to me. I do feel that I was blessed as a child to be psychic, sensitive and aware. Some how through the troubles of childhood I never lost it. So at a young age I am able to think for myself and break free from the thoughts of others that no longer serve my way of life. I FULLY recognize that most are doing it with love and believe that they are doing what is best.=-) I am grateful for the love and the knowledge that it has all brought. It has all gotten me to where I am today! Raw Foods has put me MUCH MORE in touch with my inner voice that guides me through my life. I always had this voice but often fought it, ignored it or simply didn't recognize it. Now I can hear my inner voice and act upon it with less "stuff" in the middle.
I am grateful for this inner voice because it is what brought me to Raw Foods. Letting me know 2 years ago that it was the path for me and slowly but surly getting me here.
Loving You Always


  1. Interesting Post!!! It runs true for many rawbies for usre, me being one of them....It really is like someone just turned the lights on in a dim room isn't it!!?!
    Loulou x

  2. Being Raw has put me in a perpetual state of letting go.

    I LOVE that! And, it's sooooo true.

  3. Hello

    Yes Loulou it is exactly like that. It is seeing things so much clearly. This is really a whole life detox not just a body detox!!

    Earthmother~ It feels like I don't even have a choice. I am the candy in a push pop and Raw foods is pushing from the bottom. Releasing all that is unserving!=-)

    All Very Welcome evolutions in my process!

    Love Always