Monday, February 23, 2009

Nominated For an Award=-)

Thank you Paulina for nominating me for this award. I very much appreciate it. I am new to blogging and I am very much loving it! There is such a loving, supportive and loving community here.
Here are the rules:
1~ I share with you seven things that I love
2~I nominate seven other bloggers for the honor

The things I love<3<3

1. God. I am not a religous person but I am learning to walk the love that all religions hold within the heart of their teachings. Through Meditation, my kids, family, friends, Yoga, multiple teachings, love, sacred music and Raw Foods
2. My 4 wonderful kids! I am blessed to have 4 healthy and Good children. I Love them and I am eternally grateful for them. Emerald[12], Isabella[7], Ethan[5], & Samantha[3].
3. Raw Foods. I can write another list under this one. So I will just say that #1 would be my connection to Creator through eating this way and that way I am living more as the peace of God in my life. So Raw Foods helps awaken EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE! But I love the food, community , lifestyle, & to many things to list here.=-)
4. My family and friends who's support is tireless and loving. Thank you to all of you. Big Hugs
5. Yoga~ I am very grateful for the peace, love and health benefits Yoga has brought into my life. Kundalini Yoga being my Favorite. I LOVE Sikh music. Snatam Kaur being the one I play the most. She truly allows God to flow through her and it is apparent in all aspects of her music. But I also love all chant music. I have Krishna Das playing right now. Chant Music is mainly all you would hear me listening to if you were to put a recorder in my house. If you have not heard Snatam then I invite you to give her a listen to and feel the music in your heart and allow the Grace to gift you. Her web-site is Her music plays while you are on her site. Beautiful! She is coming to Kripalu soon.
7. Would be art and creativity. Right now I am learning watercolors and will be taking pottery in the spring.

Now the nominations=-)
1. Kristen From Kristen's Raw
2.Michelle From Not Just A House Wife
3.Aleesha From Aleesha's Raw Life
4.Eve From Eve's Journey
5.Joyce from Beautiful Living Food in Vermont
6.Kelly from My Raw Adventure's
7.Raw Body Goddess

Thank you Paulina at Eating as Nature intended



  1. Wow, thank your Sweetie! I'm new to blogging myself..I will definitely respond. Take care!:)

  2. Ah thanks, That's very sweet of you!

  3. Thanks Sabrina. Congrats to you!

  4. Love your blogs!