Friday, March 20, 2009


For a few days now I have been having very strong cravings! I was starting to get annoyed that it wasn't easing up. I know I still have weight to lose & the detoxing is still taking place but these are strong! Dairy and Pasta combined is what my cravings[& ego] are telling me to eat! Now I know that they are both not serving and I want to continue on my all Raw Diet. But I still had that voice in my head telling me that just once won't hurt and that I could just go back to being Raw immediately after. I am sure you know how this is! The voice of ego trying sabotage! At the same time I was dealing with a lot of mucus coming out of my nose and sometimes throat[yuck]! I was feeling run down, tired and just wanted my old comfort foods!!!! Then today I put the 2 together! I realized information I already knew about and had placed away. I was detoxing the dairy and pasta and that the mucus/toxins are leaving my body! It is wonderful to put it in perspective and to intellectually have a reason to override the ego with.My ego can now no longer throw it's Tantrum and I feel more on track! The cravings are still there but I am able to sit in my truth much stronger!
How did/do you deal with cravings? Did they go away eventually?


  1. Every so often I just get mad that I won't eat dairy and therefore can not eat pretty much anything everyone else is. This is fine if I have my own food and I'm not hungry, but a few times I've just wanted to rip into a chocolate chip cookie. It gets easier eventually, and I never drool over hamburgers any more (I did a year ago). I'm a vegan (to explain the whole comment.) I think I would defintely want to try raw foodism, but I'm stressing my parents out enough by being a vegan (I'm living at home, so they buy my food and do not like buying speacial stuff just for me.)

  2. LOVE the Tantrum Yoga poster!

    I had something similar happen to me when I began adding VitaMineral™ Green to my diet. My body began to release an unbelievable amount of mucous from, like, every bodily orifice. All of a sudden, out of the blue, I'm craving cheese and soy milk, neither of which I had ingested in months by that point. Prior to that, however, they were daily staples in my diet and, as you know, highly mucous producing. Then, the light bulb went off and, like you, I made the connection to what was happening.

    Aren't our bodies amazing?

  3. As I was reading, before I read down to your light bulb moment, I knew instinctively somehow "oh, her body's eliminating the pasta and dairy and bring it up to the surface, that's why the cravings are so strong" Also your cells are in a state of not being used to not having those things in there. So bring something in, in its place. Love, light, think of happy dancing cells, speak to them.

    Cravings are like waves, they come and go, ebb and flow. Sometimes they almost knock you over....but they always go. There will be times again eating this way that you just won't be hungry. I know when I eliminate wheat and dairy and get over the initial withdrawl, my appetite is usually nill. It's cliche but "this too shall pass" is a great mantra.

  4. Clone Girl~
    Hello and thank you for sharing your story! Maybe you can try raw foods simple recipe's and your parents will try it and love it!=-) When you are able to buy your own food and live the way you choose it will get easier for you to try Raw Foods! Are you near a Raw restraunt? That could be fun to bring your parents to! =-)

    I love the poster too. I laughed when I saw it!=-)It is comforting to hear your story! That it was months after you started that you were getting these cravings! I just didn't expect them this strong after this long! The musous is not fun but glad to know mt body id healing and that it is leaving my body and not being replaced!

    Thanks for the great info and support! It is true that the cravings do always go away. Usually when I would wake up the next day it would be gone. Not this time though! Yikes.... But I have been a trooper and have not caved in! I am standing in my truth and not the ego!



  5. I am so glad You posted about this as I went through a really similar craving scenario only a few days ago....It isn't easy but I always try to imagine the disappointment I would feel with myself if I ever gave into those cravings afterwards......that always makes me feel bad enough to push those nasty ego thoughts away for a while at least. Thanks for sharing!!!
    Loulou x

  6. Loulou~ Hey sweetie, I do the same thing to stop myself. I always think of how strong the cravings will be the next day and how bad I would feel physically. Not even to mention how I would feel emotionally. All this hard work and what I put my body through[detoxing]and to just put more in my body again. I am trying to not go there. I did it before and this time I am holding stonger!


  7. somtimes i try to white knuckle it. more often i just try to notice a pattern about them. and how they change over time.