Thursday, March 19, 2009

Simply Raw DVD Review

I watched the movie Simply Raw the other night & I feel it is a great movie! When I was done watching it I felt inspired to stay on the path that I already am on[eating all raw] & following my dream of helping people eat & heal with Raw Foods! It was definitely an inspirational DVD!
I would say the most profound aspect of the DVD for me is the amazing, different & individual approaches each of the participants brought to this! Spiritually I felt very confirmed on a lot of the different aspects of the ego and how to overcome them. I saw all the participants as an aspect of myself and learned more about myself through watching it! I was also confirmed by the amazing success they had and how to take the the aspects of Kirt[very positive, strong and supportive] in to my own way of life. I, like him LOVE healing through Raw foods and would love to share the support, knowledge and love with others!

I would recommend this DVD to anyone wanting to feel inspired in their life!! All levels of Raw interest would find enjoyment and Love with this DVD! Here is a link to the trailer for the DVD!


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