Monday, March 16, 2009

Making a heart centered difference!

When I decided to go all Raw I did not realize how much it would change my life! I am changing on so many levels! I was not aware of the depth of these changes. I knew that my body, health & psychic abilities would change and become more in tune with the universe! I heard others speak of their changes and transformations. I noticed that their stories were inspiring & beautiful but I did not get the depth! Not until I lived through my own changes and continue to do so am I realizing in my core what others speak of!
I knew on so many levels why I did not want to eat meat anymore and to no longer put such a low vibration in my body! Now I am realizing even more how one person can make a significant difference! When I purchase organic raw foods I am telling the universe what to produce more of! The single purchase of something that is not serving [meat, drugs, alcohol, porn, & processed foods] affects what the divine energy of creation will be manifested in to. The world only makes what there is a calling for. Once again I am feeling how much the power is put in my hands and how I choose to live my life. My outer world is a direct reflection of my inner world. I can choose which direction to send the powerful manifesting energy of the divine! I, as one single person makes a difference! I choose to make a beautiful difference! I love Our Earth and I choose to serve God by loving her and treating her with kindness! She is me and there is no separation! LOVE! How do you make a beautiful difference? Please share with us! I also ask what is one more way you can make an even more beautiful difference today? What action can you take? I am going to make even more steps in to making my home a green home! That is my next step[s]. Please share with us!=-) <3 <3

Loving You Always


  1. Now I am sitting here wondering how I can make a beautiful difference. I can feel myself being pulled to do is a feeling that I have had since child hood..and one I have ran away from ( covering my ears saying lalala...I spent 22 years making people beautiful on the outside, I am a hairdresser and make up artist. When I filled out my life destiny in my high school year book I said I wanted to go out and make people beautiful, and I did. I spent a lot of years making people feel better about themselves by teaching them how to look great. That is important. Having people feel good about how they look. It just seems so superficial to me now to have spent so much time worrying about peoples outside. I am ready to help people make them selves beautiful from the inside out.My experience with raw foods...and now my juice fast/feast has brought me to a level of experience I have never had. I am so in touch and aware. I can't ignore my calling anymore. It is far to evident to me now. I will embrace my purpose and I am getting into a place in my life where it is all coming into alignment. I am so grateful to have met the wonderful people that I have already on this new stage of my life. I am also grateful for the synergy that is happening in my life.

    Love and Light*
    Life is beautiful

  2. I love this post as it makes you stop and think!! Fair play to you and long may it continue........I am off to ponder ;0)

  3. Beautiful post! I feel the same way -- this way of living is so positive and sacred :)

  4. Wonderful! I like to think that I can make a beautiful difference by planting a garden instead of mowing a lawn. A lawn usually uses chemical sprays to destroy weeds and lawn mowers use oil and create CO2. With a garden, I am creating life, food for my family, I use no chemicals, and I create no CO2. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Kelly[Beauty of expression~ Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us! Beautiful!!! It sounds like what is imporatant to you is Beauty and your awareness on Beauty is shifting! Focusing only on Beauty on the outside can be shallow and there is so much more beauty to explore! I do feel though it is not wrong to do both as long as it is not only in Vanity!!! I would LOVE to hear more about your new path that you are walking! Keep sharing! Loving you always

    Loulou~Hope your pondering brought more love to your heart and our world=-)!

    rawpomona~ It is wonderful to share the same thoughts that are so positive and love based!

    Amanda~Never thought of gardening that way! Thank you! I do agree with what you are saying and I look forward to moving in to gardening in my life! More inspiration to do so!

    Love Always