Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Meatballs" in Marinara Sauce

These came out really well. I was pleasantly surprised! I got both recipe's from Jennifer Cornbleet's Book Raw Food Made Easy. I LOVE this book!!! I have lots of Raw recipe books and this is the one that I seem to use the most. The recipe's are very easy and they taste great! I have found that I have changed many. Out of all my books I use this one daily or my own recipe that was made out of a recipe of hers. I definitely think every beginner would benefit having this book in their collection to start with.
I had a friend try the recipe last night and he liked it. He thought the taste was great but the texture was not to his preference. He would eat them again though=-)
I enjoyed them and I will be making them again! This time the whole recipe instead of the, I am just trying this half recipe.=-)
Marinara Sauce
ripe tomato
sun dried tomatoes
olive oil
I used an Italian herb mix
fresh garlic
cayenne pepper
Meat balls
I used walnuts & pecans
lemon juice
olive oil
garlic powder
fresh parsley
minced onion


  1. I've heard good things about that cookbook - I'm going to have to look into it. This recipe sounds great!

  2. texture can always be changed. With most pate's, meat balls, and patties - it's good to blend it as fine as you can. I envy the people who have a juicer with the blank plate. I hear that makes the smoothest ones. Which makes sense since the plates make nut butter. However, maybe your friend likes chunky! I'm glad you like that book, I continue to sell and recommend it to everyone. It's my most stained recipe book I have!


  3. Jennifer Cornbleet's recipe book is one of my favorites.

  4. That looks really good! I've been wanting to buy that book but have been putting it off. I may buy it this weekend now!

  5. Hello evryone. Big hugs to you all!

    HIHOROSIE~ & Amanda, You will not regret it!! The recipe's are so simple and you can alter them effortlessly! You can also give new Raw foodies recipe's out of it! Great Book!

    Eve~ I agree=-)

    Cheryl~ My food processor got it very smooth. I was actually VERY surprised how smooth. I would also like a juicer with a plank! He is a mainly cooked foodie and he is just adjusting to the Raw foods! So he was expecting a differnt texture but he liked the taste! That is most important and the rest comes with just shifting pattens and old mind sets=-)


  6. Sabrina, These look awesome...Your making me want to come for a visit for dinner. WOW!!! Keep doing it! You are AMAZING!